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Division of Finance and Administration

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Printing Standard Administrative Procedures 25.99.99.M0.02

Who is covered by the printing procedures?

All units of Texas A&M University are covered by the Standard Administrative Procedure (SAP). Any other entities outside of Texas A&M University that choose to use the services offered by Print Acquisition are also covered by the SAP. However, System entities and agencies may coordinate the process themselves and specify the extent and degree of involvement of Print Acquisition.

What work is covered by the SAP?

All products that have printing as a component of the process are covered by these procedures. Therefore, if a department is having a document designed, printed, and/or mailed, the whole process would be covered by this SAP. If the primary business of the contracted vendor is printing, the SAP also applies.

How long does the bid process generally take?

Bids can be obtained in as little as 48 hours under special circumstances. Normally, for jobs below $5000 bids take 2-3 days. For jobs expected to be higher in value, Print Acquisition recommends at least a 5 day timeline. For jobs that can be $50,000 or more Print Acquisition requires a 15 day timeline.

Do the guidelines apply to reprints?

The same guidelines apply to reprints.

Can customers choose vendors?

Customers may select the vendors from whom they would like bids. However, the vendor has to be approved by Print Acquisition in advance. To ensure quality work, this may involve a review of the company and a visit to their manufacturing facility. Print Acquisition may add other vendors to the bid list if it believes it to be in the best interest of the university and its customers and to meet the institution’s legal and social obligations. Customers cannot specifically exclude a vendor unless they clearly document the reason such as prior performance, capability, etc. Such exceptions have to be documented and have to be reasonable in nature. For example, a customer cannot exclude a vendor on the basis of poor quality for a job done a year ago, especially when the vendor has performed adequately since then for other customers.

Do jobs for design work, pre-press services or mailing services fall within this SAP?

This SAP covers all products that have printing as a component of the process. Therefore, if a department is getting a job designed, printed, and/or mailed, the whole process would be covered by this SAP. If the primary business of the contracted vendor is printing, the SAP also applies.

Are bid prices firm?

Bid prices are based on specifications provided to the vendor. If the actual job is different or requires additional work, the vendor will provide an alteration. Print Acquisition, in consultation with the customer, may decide at that point of time to award the job with an altered cost, award it to the next lowest bidder if the total cost is lower, or rebid with corrected specifications. As a general rule, if alteration costs change by more than $500.00 or 10% of the original cost, the bid will be cancelled. Also, customary guidelines are that prices quoted are good for 30 days. If the job takes longer, the vendor has the right to decline to produce it for the quoted price.

What are the consequences if a customer does not follow the procedures?

The customer may be held personally liable for the cost of the job if Print Acquisition does not have adequate documentation or has not been contacted by the customer prior to the job. If the vendor proceeds without authorization from Print Acquisition, the vendor may not be able to obtain timely payment or any payment from Texas A&M University.

Who do I contact if I have an issue with the SAP implementation or Print Acquisition?

You may contact Texas A&M University's Department of Procurement Services. Print Acquisition operates under the delegated authority of Procurement Services.