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Texas A&M University

Procurement Sevices

Division of Finance and Operations

Stationery Items


Texas A&M University has awarded a new stationery printing contract to Integ/Anderton Group. Effective February 1, 2021, a new catalog is available for procuring items included on the contract.

To order stationery:

Texas A&M Forest Service users
Follow the link to the new stationery website: New users should contact Texas A&M Procurement Services at to request an account.
AggieBuy users (everyone else)
Continue to place orders through AggieBuy at using the new Integ punchout catalog.

For questions or concerns, please contact Cherise Toler at or (979) 845-5887

Stationery items

Other Printing Requirements

Departments and vendors are free to engage with respect to print needs up to the delegated spend threshold of $10,000. Any printing services expected to be in excess of $10,000 require competitive bids handled by Procurement Services. As a reminder, regardless of dollar value, all print must adhere to the Texas A&M University Branding Guidelines,